Picture of Richard and JackRichard & Jack began playing together in December, 1963. Over the past 45+ years they have played in numerous bands.

Recently the two have begun playing as a duo, offering a wide variety of music for their fans. Their music includes the golden oldies of the 50's and 60's, standards from the 30's and 40's, and a variety of traditional country songs. Their music transcends many generational interests, and their sound is extremely full, danceable, and enjoyable.

Though they are only two, they produce an exceptional sound. They offer Keyboard, Organ, Sax, Bass and Drums, as well as two lead voices. They also both sing harmony. Fans are amazed at the sound created by just two people, and the person or establishment paying their fee is amazed at the price!!

Richard & Jack are an ideal alternative when looking for great music at a reasonable price. Whether it's a dinner dance, private house party, corporate event, lounge entertainment, anniversary, wedding, or just an excuse to party, give them a call.

Enjoy their website and come out and see them!